Guarantee the availability of priceless data across Office365™ applications

StorVault, an industry-leading brand that has been associated with data storage and backup for more than two decades, has launched a business continuity initiative designed to help ensure that its role as a trusted provider of data storage, backup and recovery management services continues to guarantee the security, integrity and availability of the priceless corporate data that customers throughout the country entrust to its world-class solutions.


StorVault for Office 365

With immediate effect all companies with employees working from remote locations that may preclude the use of conventional in-house backup routines associated with the deployment of the Microsoft™ Office 365® suite, including OneDrive and Sharepoint, are invited to subscribe to StorVault’s world-class backup solution for this application environment – at ZERO cost until the end of June 2020.

Limited Period and Special Rates

This online backup and recovery facility for the StorVault Office 365 suite will be provided free of charge for a period up to the end of June 2020 and up to a limit of 50GB per user.

After the end of June, the backup facility will be reviewed and if the subscriber to this offer wishes to continue with the service, a special discounted monthly subscription rate will be charged.

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